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Some Tricks to Avoid Personal Finance Crisis

It is in the news nowadays all over the place about the home mortgage crisis that is crippling the housing industry in America. Elsewhere in the world, there is similar news about the real estate slowdown. Many families are unable to keep up with the increasing cost of energy as oil prices have been skyrocketing. To add to it is the expense of college education for children, car payments and other revolving credit card payments and the net result is a massive level of stress in the financial health of the family and a potential personal finance crisis.

The age old adage of prevention is better than cure is applicable one more time here. The only way in which one can avoid a personal financial crisis is by proper pre-planning. Keep it simple; one does not need to complicate matters any more than they have to be. Start off with your take home income and budget a certain amount for rent or mortgage, a certain amount for energy, food, transportation, education and miscellaneous expenses. You need to categorize each of these into further sub divisions and really pin point the budgeted expenses. There needs to be a savings plan for a rainy day and sufficient life insurance coverage expenses also in the event that the main breadwinner of the family passes away.

Once these expenses have been written down, then additional analyses need to be performed. If the income meets or exceeds the expenses, then you are in good shape. If the income falls short of the expenses, then you have simply only two choices. One choice is to cut down the expenses. The other choice is to find additional sources of income. There is no magical way in which you can finance yourself out of debt by borrowing additional money by any means. You do not want to get caught in the perpetual debt machine. Debt comes at a price and I cannot believe that there are people that borrow more and more to pay for things they cannot afford in the first place. Proper personal finance planning is absolutely essential to avoid crises in the future and one needs to be honest in drafting and executing such plans.